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Institute gets device(RFID Scanner) capable of tracking Students/ Teachers movement inside Institute. This actually creates attendance automatically and generate attendance report for class/ batch. Further it can show ​ attendance percentage for each student. More importantly this notifies​ (send Email, SMS, APP notifications) to ​ parents​ when student enters/ exits Institute. That address the students safety issue. This feature helps remove attendance register work, saves student-teacher time. Institutes using this feature are considered high tech, more advanced and get more traction from parents.


Cloud based updates to admin at the time of reaching and leaving Institute/Company/Factory premises. Increases attendance, which aids throughput and growth for the Institutes/ Company/ Factory. Give unbeatable competition to other companies/factories in your neighbourhood. This can be used to keep track of employee/staff attendance. Also, helps in increasing employee/staff attendance ratio to improve productivity. Calculate a Teahcer's/ an employee's or a staff member's salary using the leaves/attendance report.

How can I enable student attendance for my Institute/ School/ College/Coaching?

You can enable student attendance by following few simple steps and our representative would guide you for the same.

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